from customers who have ordered Brainalert

"Ever since I've been taking Brain Alert I've been feeling much more relaxed, focused, alert and my creativity has increased much more. I love taking them and I love to feel a sense of well being I highly recommend it to anyone that needs to perform better in any activity that you want. It also has helped me to sleep better and that is what I also love about the product. So for anyone that is reading and thinking about trying the product just go for it and take it the product. And lastly i can say that if you don't try something new you will never know what you are missing on. Thank You Brain Alert!!"

- Marco C.

"Wow, your product is very underrated. It's a great product that should have a lot more exposure. I just received my order and I tried it on an empty stomach as directed and 20 minutes later I could notice an amazing change in concentration. I felt like I could do things 3 times as fast, less sluggish, and pretty upbeat. I will definitely order again. I have done so much research before ordering your product, and I am glad I chose yours. I am taking 6 hours of summer college classes every day, and I am pretty happy that I will have an advantage over the other students."

- David H.

"BrainAlert is excellent. I use this before I take any major test. My SAT scores increased tremendously at least in part because of this product. I recommend this to any student."

- Neil

"For me the best thing about BrainAlert is the energy I have throughout the day without any of the jitteriness I get from coffee."

- Nick L.

"I enjoy your product and take it every other day. It helps give me confidence to meet the intellectual demand of my academic life. Thanks!"

- James K.

"Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I tried it and was surprised to find something that did what they said it would. You have a great product, in my opinion. Thanks."

- Mary F.

"BrainAlert helps me stay focused on the task at hand and I am able to get more done in the day."

- Neil R.

"I'm very satisfied with your product, I only wish I had this stuff years ago. Thanks a bunch!"

- Paolo D.

"For the past month I've experimented between your product and my previously purchased (competitor's product), and I must tell you I am quite surprised with the results. I mainly used (competitor's product) before to retain study material in my last year of high school (5 AP classes can kinda drain you down) and to 'quicken' up my mind for tests and such. I then heard about your product and said what the hey, might as well try it. (competitor's product) may speed up the mind, but it did little to improve my mood and since im recovering from a slight depression a faster mind just kinda meant thinking more about the bad stuff. With my first dosage of Brainalert the mood swing(s) dissapeared. Happiness was an actual thing i could feel and not just think about. My mind was clearer and I felt a lot easier focusing on anything i put my mind to. I may not have had the same 'quick' mind as with (competitor's product), but geez, dont really need it when i have the happiness to propel me through my challenges and the stress that accompanies it. I actually feel better now, ready to take on the world. Everytime I would switch back to (competitor's product) for a quick study session, I would have that faster mind, but my mood would fall and i would doubt myself. I was contemplating which of the two products was better, but now i must say yours takes the prize. Congrats on winning a new customer- a once skeptic turned into a believer."

- Donald J.

"I feel better with BrainAlert everyday. Being a graduate student, I have to put in long hours of research late at night and BrainAlert keeps my mind focused. I don't know what I would do without it."

- Tyler S.

"BrainAlert provides me with the energy I need to stay focused throughout the entire day. I feel more alert and driven when taking BrainAlert, whereas before I would easily get distracted or off task prior to taking this supplement. Great Product!"

- Meredyth W.

"BrainAlert gives me the motivation I need to study. I procrastinate less and stay focused longer on my college homework. The work I normally put off gets done when I'm on BrainAlert."

- Angie F.

"Now that I've been using BrainAlert for a while I've noticed that the effects stick with me even when I run out or just choose to take a few days off. I look back now on my days of college and realize that I dragged my way through four years of barely staying awake in class, cramming for tests, and countless hours of reading texts that never stuck with me. I truely wish I had found something like BrainAlert all those years ago. This leads me to one of the best effects of BrainAlert: mood enhancement. It doesn't matter what I'm doing during the day, whether it's heading off to work or doing miscellaneous projects around the house, I constantly find myself happy, energetic, and ready to take on anything. It may not be the cure-all for people with serious depression, but taking a couple BrainAlert each day certainly wipes away anything related to seasonal mood swings. In the end, my advice to anyone curious about this product is to just give it a chance. Thanks for creating such a great product that is better than anything else on the market, yet isn't outrageously expensive."

- Aaron L.